Breaking into the retail life insurance industry is not an easy endeavor. While the retail life insurance industry is highly competitive, the allure of lucrative commissions and a flexible workload as an independent agent attracts many new agents into the market each year within the US. But how many of these new agents entering the market have the necessary skill, training, and resources geared towards helping them succeed? Similarly, how many current life insurance agents maximize their revenue opportunities and build the career and life, they believed possible before entering the industry? 

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Art Life Insurance Agency (ALIA) was founded to equip new – and existing insurance agents – with the necessary skills and techniques to succeed in this competitive industry.

ALIA’s professional coaches will show you how to become an independent insurance agent, leveraging our experience and expertise via the delivery of proven coaching for insurance agents. Our program will equip you with the appropriate tools and techniques to build a successful career as an independent life insurance agent.

Meet our Founder

Founder, Jill Johnson, brings to ALIA two decades of financial management expertise. She has previous experience with Fortune 500 organizations such as; American Express and Chase Bank. She holds multiple insurance licenses within the insurance industry across the US, which allows her to offer clients a broad range of insurance products, including annuities, life/health, and disability insurance.

[IMAGE = Jill Johnson headshot / ALT TAG = “photo of Jill Johnson” / IMG FILE NAME = “alia-founder-jill-johnson.jpg”]Jill has also devoted a significant part of her career to managing family enterprises, where she is responsible for day-to-day operations and the company’s investments. Working with these family enterprises, Jill learned that individuals don’t need yet another financial product; they need sound advice to be informed and a tailored financial plan designed for their circumstances and financial goals. 

Jill discovered that by educating families on “safer money solutions,” families stayed connected to their goals and maintained the discipline required to make better financial decisions over time. With this philosophy, coupled with a solid financial plan guided by her, many of Jill’s clients’ portfolios have outpaced inflation while reaching many of their financial goals, such as: 

  • College planning
  • Buying a new house
  • Caring for an aged parent
  • Retirement
  • & More

Introducing Art Life Insurance Agency (ALIA)

With a long-standing career in the financial industry and with significant experience as a financial management specialist herself, Jill wanted to build a business that helps others succeed within the industry. In addition, as an African American woman herself, Jill also recognized the disparity of African American women in the life insurance industry (less than 5% of all agents identify as African American).

Jill’s vision is to see more young African American women enter the insurance industry. “We need more representation in the industry. When we empower these women, they acquire the tools and knowledge to educate and guide insurance solutions and products to underrepresented communities.” Her mission is to usher more African American women into pursuing careers as independent insurance brokers with their own agencies.

ALIA was born, a business focused on helping African American women to succeed in the insurance industry, whether they are new or existing independent insurance agents. ALIA provides a quality turn-key business model with the tools and techniques to guide African American women to a successful career in the insurance industry. We offer one-on-one support through mentorship, coaching, training services, marketing, and promotions. 

Teaching a new agent to sell insurance isn’t all we concentrate on at ALIA. We teach the art of running a successful business, which includes understanding time and money management as an essential part of a successful business. We’re here to teach agents how to be business owners, not just sell insurance policies. We provide state-of-the-art and extensive learning opportunities. Services such as:

Improving People Skills

Working and communicating successfully is an important quality of a thriving life insurance agent. Agents that pay attention to what their clients and prospects have to say, and their needs and goals, are much more likely to acquire their client’s trust and business. Agents that pay attention to what their clients and prospects have to say, and their needs and goals, are much more likely to acquire their client’s trust and business.

These people skills include but are not limited to:

  • Prioritizing the client’s needs over their own
  • Excellent customer service
  • Foster a high emotional intelligence
  • The ability to connect with people.
  • Patience when dealing with others
  • Knowing when and how to express empathy
  • Negotiating skills

Sales Coaching

Life insurance agents are, in many ways, salespeople. Successful agents have excellent sales skills, recruiting abilities, relationship development, and client retention. 

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Our coaching is designed so you learn everything required to become a successful life insurance agent. You have unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions with our professional financial coaches. Their experience puts them in a distinctive position to direct you with the right steps to accelerate to the next level. We designed ALIA programs to manifest your biggest dreams into reality. Our coaches are:

  • Experts on industry best practices
  • Top producers in the insurance industry
  • Provides everything needed to secure the first appointment to write the first policy


One of the most crucial aspects of the life insurance industry is continued self motivation. A motivated agent engages with their peers and clients, looks for ways to strengthen their business relationships, and is willing to evaluate their performance and personal growth prospects.

Support & Guidance

From newbie agents to experienced life insurance agents, ALIA’s coaching for insurance agents is comprehensive and effective, providing you with all the assistance and direction you require. Our coaching is designed for you to learn everything needed to become a successful life insurance agent.

Agency Building Program 

Our interconnected tools provide an unparalleled view of your prospective business opportunities. The Fast Track Agency Builder Program will bring a clear focus on the steps you need to achieve results. You will know what you need to do to accomplish your desired goals.

You Can Achieve Successful Careers in the Life Insurance Industry

It takes time and dedication to build a successful career selling life insurance, but it is possible. Many of our agents have achieved their lifestyle, financial, and career goals as independent life insurance agents, and you can do it too. 

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Are you interested in knowing more? We would love to hear from you if so! Together with our Founder, Jill, ALIA is excited to share our years of expertise and experience in the life insurance industry to assist you in achieving success in the retail life insurance industry. Get in touch today to find out more.