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Less than 5% of independent agencies have a Person of Color in a leadership position, and even less have a Woman of Color. ALIA’s mission is to change that by introducing Women of Color into the insurance industry, empowering them to succeed as independent insurance professionals via expert insurance agent coaching and a turnkey digital business model.

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Proper training is the foundation to success in the insurance industry. Our unlimited one-on-one professional insurance agent coaching sessions are structured for agents only to succeed. ALIA positions agents on a fast track to the proper steps to help secure the first appointment, write the first policy, and run a successful insurance agency.


We provide a state-of-the-art turnkey business model with coaching designed to train everything required to become a flourishing life insurance agent. We provide extensive learning opportunities, strategies, and techniques that guide Women of Color to success.

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ALIA services will assist both new and existing independent insurance agents. We offer genuine insight into the insurance industry and unlock the secrets for success, from time and money management to marketing and promoting your services. We create business owners, not just people selling insurance policies.

Our Founder

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Jill Johnson


Jill Johnson has 25+ years of financial management expertise. She is well-versed in a broad range of insurance products and solutions. Jill has worked with successful Fortune 500 corporations such as; Chase Bank and American Express. Her experience includes holding numerous insurance licenses throughout the US.

As an African American woman, Jill Johnson knows firsthand the lack of representation and diversity in the life insurance industry. She created ALIA to empower Women of Color. Her vision is to usher more BIPOC women into pursuing careers as independent insurance professionals with their own agencies.