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Here at ALIA, we are on a mission to establish unparalleled authority in the realm of annuities. We achieve this by enlightening and educating consumers about annuities, imparting the skills to sell them effectively to both new and seasoned life insurance agents, and fostering valuable connections with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and their affiliated organizations. The Annuity Builder Program will provide you with the insider track to drive you to the next level. Our annuity experts and sales coaches will help you get results and give you the pathway to success.

Education and Guidance

At the core of our strategy is educating and empowering consumers with in-depth information about annuities. ALIA takes the lead in demystifying the complexities, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their financial future.


Sales Coaching and Motivation

Our dedication extends to agents as well. ALIA is committed to training new and existing life insurance agents in the art of annuity sales. We equip agents with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this specialized domain, thereby bolstering their success and expertise.


Strategies and Tactics

ALIA recognizes the interconnectedness of the financial landscape. By establishing partnerships with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and their professional organizations, we create a cohesive network that works together to address clients’ comprehensive financial needs.

I was struggling to understand the concept of annuities. ALIA not only provided me with valuable education but also empowered me to make well-informed decisions for my financial future.
Tracy Downs


As a life insurance agent, my goal was to enhance my expertise in annuity sales. ALIA’s coaching not only elevated my skills but also enabled me to better serve my clients.
Charlene Boudreaux

Environmental Health and Safety Consultant

I was highly impressed. Fantastic experience for any insurance agent who wants to boost their career! ALIA provided me with tons of actionable steps. Thank you!

Marie Pierre

Tax and Financial Services


Ready to learn more about ALIA and how we’re reshaping the annuity landscape? Reach out today to engage with our seasoned experts and discuss how our comprehensive approach can elevate your journey as an independent annuity agent.