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One of the reasons people shy away from working in the insurance agency is because they think there are limited options for work. The average person thinks about your stereotype insurance agent that is always trying to sell products. However, many lucrative branches in the field offer higher salaries because of their demand. Learn what each type of insurance offers and explore all the options for insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles, CA.

Apart from the different positions, insurance agents also veer towards pursuing specific fields. There are different types of insurance, and there are also specialized agents to handle them. Focusing on specialization can bring in a niche yet reliable customer base. If you are in search of an insurance agent job, Los Angeles has plenty of options for you to choose from.

Here are some of the common insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles:

Life Insurance

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Life insurance is of the most popular forms and one commonly encountered. Agents in this field sell policies that pay beneficiaries at their death. The challenge is that it is one of the most difficult ones to sell in the insurance industry, and getting buyers isn’t easy.

The catch is those life insurance agents who perform often get the highest rates in commissions. Their companies pay them straight and have higher rates on average.

Explore opportunities for life insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles here.

Property Insurance

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As the name implies, this insurance protects their policyholders’ property. While it’s common to sell these for homes, there are also plans for other items. People get property insurance for things such as:

Casualty insurance also falls under this category. It refers to the coverage of property if an accident occurs with it. It’s usually a combination of several forms of insurance. As an agent, one could focus on property, casualty, or combining both.

Explore opportunities for property insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles here.

Insurance Broker

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A broker specializes in finding the best policies for their clients. A client will come with their concerns with insurance which the broker addresses. They may be looking for a specific insurance type or a feature within their policy. The broker will then explore their options and present them to the client, showcasing the best prices.

Most brokers are independent, as their goal is to find the client the best possible solution to their needs. They also maintain good relationships with many companies to offer the best rates possible.

Explore opportunities for insurance broker jobs in Los Angeles here.

Captive Agents

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A captive agent specializes in the products available from their employer. These agents can access different products and plans as long as the company covers them. Unlike other agents that rely on commission, they also have a fixed salary and benefits. The downside is that they may have lower commissions as a result.

Some independent agents also sign agreements to work with insurance companies as captives. Depending on their deal, they may be able to market products from other companies.

Explore opportunities for captive agent jobs in Los Angeles here.

Health Insurance

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Health insurance agents offer plans to cover medical costs, depending on the policy. They sell different programs to those wanting consistent coverage when something unexpected occurs. There are subcategories within health insurance, such as long-term disability and long-term care. It is also one of the most popular subcategories within the industry.

Explore opportunities for health insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles here.


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An underwriter examines the client and the risk involved with them. It helps determine if they can pay their insurance on time and may limit the available plans. As an underwriter, you are looking at data rather than focusing on selling a product. It may be a career path for those who don’t want to spend too much time on sales.

Explore opportunities for underwriter jobs in Los Angeles here.

Financial Consultant

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A financial consultant provides different services depending on what their clients need. While you can offer insurance plans to them, it’s not limited to that. Some consultants may offer investments, retirement, and savings. 

It can be a path to take after taking studies in insurance as it equips you partly for the role. Some agents opt to move into this field as it potentially opens up the door to more clients.

Explore opportunities for financial consultant jobs in Los Angeles here.

Claims Investigator

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A claims investigator verifies if a claim is legitimate and provides an evaluation. They are there to help avoid fraud and to protect the company’s interests. They are necessary because many claimants do not follow the specifics of their policy when pursuing payouts. The claims investigator acts as a shield that double-checks a claim before finalizing it.

Explore opportunities for financial consultant jobs in Los Angeles here.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Becoming a licensed insurance agent in California has never been easier. These insurance agent jobs in Los Angeles are just a few of many available. As insurance is a common need among individuals and organizations alike, you’ll like to find a career that suits your skills best. People looking to advance or find a new path can contact us.


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