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Many careers can provide the finances you need. Being an insurance agent should definitely come to mind, but sometimes it is not. The reason is that they’ve developed misconceptions about the industry, which could not be further from the truth. Working as an insurance agent is a fulfilling job that can be empowering for  Women of Color. The insurance industry allows quick advancement and financial freedom.

Here is everything you need to know about starting as a life insurance agent and what you should expect:

Making Money as an Entry Level Life Insurance Agent

Working in life insurance can be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. The hard part starts in the beginning as you network to find clients to purchase policies. Because sales dictate your earnings, you will never stop prospecting for new clients.

It may be helpful for a new insurance agent to have a background in sales, but don’t let a lack of sales experience discourage you. You can learn the necessary skills to sell insurance successfully.

Based on statistics, the top earners in life insurance earn an average annual salary of $130,000. It means a payment of nearly $11,000 each month. You can strive to reach this goal, but getting to the average isn’t bad either. The average earner makes $80,000 a year or over $6,600 a month.

The pay alone surpasses many other careers, and you’re not limited to strict requirements. Becoming one of the top earners is possible in any company, provided you possess the diligence required.

Empowering BIPOC Women Through Life Insurance Sales

The good news is that most life insurance companies require no formal education. Some may require a college degree, but all potential agents undergo extensive training to learn the process, products, and industry.

Most insurance agencies have training programs for entry-level life insurance agents. There is a requirement, as you need to complete a 25- to 50-hour class and eventually pass a state licensing exam. As you become more versed in the insurance industry, you may want to acquire a non-resident license in a different state to sell or discuss insurance products with clients.

The most desirable qualities for insurance agents are grit and determination. As an entry-level life insurance agent, you must want to succeed and embrace chasing after the sale, meaning you’ll plow through rejections to meet success. That is why this field can be highly empowering for black women. If you are an introvert, this career may be a bit more of a challenge, but you can learn the skills for success.


If you’re willing to work hard and endure the rejection, a career in life insurance can be greatly rewarding. You can get financial security, the freedom to work on your time, and the prospect of advancing your career. Ultimately, Art Life insurance Agency can help you get to that level. Get in touch today and start building a foundation with our Agency Builder Program.