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The life insurance systems of the past don’t work anymore in this new digitized age where everything has to be quick and efficient. It’s critical to make things convenient for your clientele, which helps build meaningful relationships and attract more business. 

From the quote to the application to the policy delivery, agents need insurance sales tools to get the job done.

Alia Quotes makes the life insurance application process seamless by providing clients with a free quote and also offering a safe way to enter sensitive information. 

As we strive to bring safe methods to manage client data, we’re confident that the launch of will be the all-in-one sales tool needed to boost customer satisfaction.

Streamlining the Process

As technology evolves, so must our business practices. It’s essential to leverage the right tools so that you’re better able to serve your clients. 

More specifically, digital tools for insurance agents are necessary to improve organization, efficiency, lead generation, customer experience, SEO practices, and more. 

As an independent agent, there’s already a ton on your plate; you have to deal with administrative tasks, policy renewals, customer queries, and quotes. 

You must also dedicate the time needed to network, market, and grow your agency. Now more than ever, technology is the best asset at your disposal because it helps insurance agents streamline their business operations. 

That’s where Alia Quotes comes in. 

New Developments

A 2018 survey by IDR demonstrated that 95 percent of insurance agents believe that insurance software and other forms of technology are necessary for their success

With direct-to-consumer and other online channels emerging, agents are being pushed to embrace these new tools, such as Alia Quotes, to retain their existing client base. 

Life Insurance Software

With the launch of this invaluable software solutions tool, insurance agents can market and sell any life insurance product. They can reach any customer and handle any obstacles that arise along the way. 

Here are the products that we cover: 

Alia Quotes will eliminate the tedium of manually entering data into the computer and collecting the data from the applicant directly, giving them a personalized life insurance quote. 

By using this new tool, you’re automating most of the quoting process, which is better for the applicants and insurance agents. 

Easily compare quotes to find the best deals without continually starting over with a new search depending on the prospects’ criteria. 

As the agent, you’re on standby to help them decide if they need life insurance and walk them through the steps to choose the best policy for their situation. has several features, such as option comparison, calculators, encryption keys, and more, to help make everything run smoothly each time. 

Get ready to wow your clients with an easy-to-use system that protects their privacy and shows them the best options available based on their age, health, and other factors. 

Advantages of Using Alia Quotes

There are several benefits to using Alia Quotes as the preferred method to convert leads to customers and to offer them the best customer experience possible as they shop for life insurance. 

Alia Quotes is a comprehensive platform for life insurance that, through automation—accelerates the way business is delivered, supported, and captured for all avenues of business on the platform. 

It simplifies the process and improves the advisor’s experience of selling life insurance to consumers no matter when or where the sale takes place.

Speed: Using quoting tools lets you quickly show customers the information they’re searching for to make a decision that has been thought out and well-contemplated.

Neutrality: When you want to present yourself as a neutral advisor, this software is just for you; this feature helps your customers make selections unbiasedly. 

Accessibility: Our digital quote engine allows your prospects to “do it themselves” from the comfort of their own device and timeline. Once they have their free quotes, our lead funnel directs clients to start their application in our secure DocuSign portal. If your client wants further assistance, you will be contacted immediately.

Credibility: If you use quoting technology for your insurance-providing needs, your prospective buyers will know that you have a systematic approach to aiding them in finding the best products. They will inevitably have more confidence when listening to your advice and working with you.

DocuSign for Personal Data

Laptop with red and blue pens leaving signatures

One of the leaders in the e-signature space is DocuSign, offering extensive capabilities to sign and administer documents digitally; the signing process gets streamlined thanks to its intuitive workflow.

Businesses of all sizes can use DocuSign’s user-friendly digital transaction platform that permits users to send, sign and manage legally binding documents using the cloud.

Business contracts and other legally binding documents are essential to a business. DocuSign allows companies to prepare, sign, and manage documents seamlessly.

When you use DocuSign along with the list of digital insurance agent tools used within your agency, you simplify the signing and agreement process for youth policyholders as well as your team.

DocuSign eSignature is Secure

Documents consist of confidential, highly sensitive, and personal information. When you use an e-signature application, you must ensure that your documents are protected and safe.

With the onslaught of fraud and identity theft wreaking havoc on businesses daily, going with a trusted and reliable eSignature app such as DocuSign eSignature is an easy choice.

DocuSign eSignature protects your highly sensitive information by making every document encrypted and tamper-evident.

The authentication options are there to help verify the signers are who they claim to be at the time of signing, ensuring that your documents have non-repudiation in litigation matters.

DocuSign eSignature makes the security of your electronic signature authentication, documents, and system security their highest priorities.

Insurance agent signing a document with an esignature

Tools & Services for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent in today’s digital environment, it is essential to have a strong online presence. Insurance agents who lack the time, resources, or expertise to develop the appropriate content marketing may find it difficult to succeed. 

This is where ALIA comes in. 

With Art Life Insurance’s assistance, starting an online life insurance agency has never been simpler. Our resources provide a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive solution as a cutting-edge turnkey internet insurance company strategy. Every requirement for digital marketing is interconnected by our Agency Builder concierge service. By doing this, we take the guesswork out of creating a digital insurance business.

ALIA will assist new and existing agents with:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Logo Design
  • PR and Paid Advertising
  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO Blog Content
  • Social Management
  • Social Media Profile Setup
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Posting
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance
  • Website SEO Optimization

More Accessible Life Insurance Quotes Are on the Way

Young businesswoman at her desk standing up and writing on a piece of paper

Inevitably, you’ll have to collect information from prospective customers over the phone or in person. It is indeed a long process for all parties.

Chances are you’ve had to deal with people who were frustrated due to the fact that they had to wade through a lengthy paper questionnaire or tell a considerable amount of information about themselves either over the phone or in person.

Our dedicated website for ALIA life insurance agents – ALIA QUOTES offers insurance sales tools for agents allowing their clients to get free life insurance quotes and begin their application process online using the security that a DocuSign portal provides, ensuring that your sensitive information gets transmitted securely. 

If you are new to insurance and want to learn the best practices and insights for successful insurance sales. Or are you ready to expand your existing insurance business with our Agency Builder Program to build a solid digital presence? Please schedule a time to chat with a representative to learn how ALIA can help increase your sales.